Your city’s people may be assured that Taner Tech Surveillance will keep them safe and secure while allowing authorities to make quick choices in any situation.

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana are home to millions of people who rely on public transportation every day. Public transportation relies on people’s faith in the system’s ability to respond to emergencies and incidents.

Airports and other modes of public transportation, including buses and subways, are a specialty of Taner Tech Surveillance. From vandalism and theft to harassment, liability claims, and even terrorism are possible security hazards.

We care about the passengers’ safety and the safety of the teams of specialists who help people go from point A to point B every day.

With Taner Tech, you get a complete service experience that includes the following:

– Configuration of the system

– Setup and assistance

– Continuous support and evaluations

There is no space for error in the transportation industry. Attacks on innocent citizens have increased in recent years. These incidents aren’t limited to airports. Now, any transit center is in jeopardy.

A well-designed security system can detect suspicious behavior early on, which alerts the appropriate authorities.

A crime of theft. Muggers and pickpockets are widespread in metropolitan areas but rare in rural ones. It’s a good thing that Tenar Tech Surveillance can help you track down and capture the culprits.

Additionally, Tenar Tech Surveillance’s video systems are simple to operate and can be monitored from a central location. If you’re looking to see several places from a single position, this is the best option.

Choosing Tenar Tech Surveillance for your transportation security needs means getting the following benefits:

  • Multi-department real-time surveillance, such as police and fire.
  • IP surveillance camera options that are scalable and versatile
  • The ability to save high-resolution photographs on a computer hard drive
  • The ability to stream live video over the internet from a remote location.
  • Ability to view the film from a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets

As a result of our efforts, public transit will now be accessible to all. We’re even more pleased to help states like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana save money if they implement cutting-edge security systems.

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