Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Security Camera Installation

With the rise of crime rates day by day, there is a need to establish maximum security, especially if you have any businesses – which are considered to be the favorite spot for shoplifters and perpetrators. One of these is installing commercial security cameras. Undeniably, security cameras are very expensive and complex so proper knowledge about them is needed if you don’t want to waste your money. 

Unfortunately, though there are so many blogs and vlogs available on the internet like complete guides on the security camera systems, people still tend to ask a bunch of queries regarding this, most of which are answerable by experts. Even with the type of system, they are still not sure what to choose and what is the best for them. Hence, in this article, we will be listing down various mainstream questions about security camera systems. All of these questions are frequently asked by our clients and we will explain them as briefly and precisely as possible.

Can I install the system all by myself?

Well, if you are an IT expert or have any expertise in installing a camera system, you are capable of doing that. However, it is advised that the installation job should be handled by a company expert. They are authorized and more knowledgeable because of their expertise and experiences. A camera system installation is harder than solving a puzzle. Therefore, you should consider various things before dwelling on that.

Are there any security cameras with night vision capabilities?

Apparently, most security cameras nowadays work well with low light. These can be usually found in gas stations, convenience stores, or shops that usually open at night. This is in fact, used to avoid potential criminal threats because nighttime is the most active hour for perpetrators. Cameras with night vision capabilities may be expensive but it is worth buying.

Are there any security cameras with wide coverage?


Cameras that cover a wide area are not new. In fact, there are many security camera models available in the world that have the ability to capture wide coverage. These are called panoramic security cameras and we can usually observe these in parking lots, hotel lobbies, and other areas. We have a few of these available.

How can we monitor our cameras?

The IT experts in our company would establish a ready-made setup for monitoring your cameras. In your computer system, we will be installing software, which could allow you to instantly monitor your cameras. You can basically view the saved and live camera footage if you wanted to review something. 

Do we need internet service for the security cameras to work?

Apparently, camera surveillance systems would eventually work without any internet services. They can still function remotely and record everything 24/7, as long as there is an abundant source of electricity. The use of internet service will only be applicable if you wanted to monitor footage wirelessly, only if your cameras have wireless capabilities or can be accessed through a mobile application. A stable internet connection is needed for it to function properly.

Do we need an IT expert to monitor the software?

Fortunately, there is no need to have an IT expert to tinker and monitor your surveillance camera system. Even ordinary individuals, as long as they know the basics of using a computer, are capable of monitoring the software of any camera system. In fact, it is made to be user-friendly so do not worry.

What is the maximum storage appropriate for security cameras?

Actually, follow what is recommended by your installation company. However, if you really want actual data, the rule of thumb, stick with 60 GB or higher storage, considering that the camera system nowadays uses a lot of storage because of its advanced recording features. Also, the cameras right now are much clearer than those in the year 2000. There are actually various factors to consider regarding how large a camera consumes when it comes to data storage.


Here are the frequently asked questions we have gathered so far. We do hope that after reading this article, your confusion about camera installation will be addressed. However, if your question is nowhere to be found on the list, do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can assist you right away. Also, do not be afraid to ask follow-up questions. We are ready to address each one of them. Lastly, read some of our articles in our blog because you might stumble on one of our articles.

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