Securing A New Local Restaurant : Bua Thai kitchen 

Rigility Surveillance Solutions 


With our wide array of vendors we have access to over 100+ different camera types for any location to Record – Monitor – Deter. We have PTZ Cameras that track people, AI Cameras that have foot traffic heat maps for retail and convenience stores, cameras have facial recognition that open doors when it sees your face and much more. 


The Problem 

– Background about the company
– Talk about how safe the community is
– talk about the unexpected security threat/ fear
– How did they feel day to day?

The Solution 

  • This is where you begin solving the problem. Briefly introduce your product and what it does. Start on a general level, then apply it to the challenge the customer was experiencing. Talk about which teams or individuals used your product and how they used it. Be sure to make the connection between the customer’s problem and your solution crystal clear. 


-Discuses challenges faced during installation

-Discuses potential security risks or I.T  mismanagement to show that we are looking our for them 

– discuses what equipment was installed and how long the project lasted for (General Project details) 

The Results 

  • Other than the problems mentioned early what were some unrealized benefits? 
  • Was it roi 
  • increase in productivity 
  • decrease in empliyee theft 
  • How long did it take to roll out our product?

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